Saturday, September 17, 2011

Challenge # 39 - Love

The challenge this week was to create a tangle inspired by LOVE in remembrance of 9/11.  I have dedicated my challenge to one of the greatest loves of my life - my cat Piggy who I lost last week..  His formal name was Ignacious Thistlewhite....Iggy for short...and let's just say Iggy was a big eater so he was most affectionately known as Piggy.  He was the world's greatest snuggler as you can see from the picture below.    Even though he had been sick we did not expect it to be so sudden.  We miss you and love you Piggy!!

Keep Tangling!!

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  1. Oh Lara, I'm so sorry. I just read this post. Your Piggy was a beautiful boy! I'm sure he is in Cat Heaven with plenty of cream fountains and feather toys. Love, Judy