Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Challenge 91: Beads of Courage

Where does the time go?  Two weeks and two challenges have completely passed me by but I jumped right in when I got home from work last night to complete the Beads of Courage challenge from the Diva.  I have been so super busy with work and it seems too many social obligations that I did find it was a little challenging trying to decide which tangles to use in the beads.  I tried some that I wasn't sure would work, but in the end feel pretty good about how it turned out.  For example, I never would have thought to try Betweed in a bead, but it worked!  I decided to repeat the same set of tangles and space them with some black beads as spacers like I would in a real piece of jewelry.  

Keep Tangling!


  1. Ooooooh I LOVE this!! Simple yet intricate.

  2. Love your shading, and your choice of tangles fit a real piece of jewelry perfectly.

  3. pretty beads and great shading. I love the twirly bits at the end