Monday, April 29, 2013

Challenge 116: Blind Sighted

I am spending the week back in Rhode Island to help my mom following surgery. She is doing well but her recovery will take some time. We have had a nice quiet evening for her first night home and I have had some time to tangle while relaxing and watching TV. This week's challenge from the Diva was to draw a blind string and then tangle. Well, my string turned out all squished up and I forgot to take a picture of the tiny tangled mess it was, but here is what I came up with and I am surprised at how many tangles I squished into this squishy space.  This is not one of my favorite tiles, but not sure if I will have time to do/post another so I just need to let go and let it be.  Please excuse the quality of my images for the next couple of weeks.  I will be away from my scanner and will be at the mercy of my IPad/Phone cameras.

Tangles: Ojo, Knightsbridge, Printemps,Mysteria,Msst, Scallops (variation), Ahh

Keep Tangling!


  1. You did a great job with your "squished" string; because it doesn't look "squished" at all; fully rounded and flowing.

  2. Wonderful string for inspiring beauty!

  3. Would not have known it was squished unless you said something. Can be a challenge to come up with tangles in small spaces but you did an excellent job. On a totally different note, I am just North of you. Had you made any decision about participating with the Sakura initiative with the Apprentice program?

    1. Thanks Donald! I am planning on submitting an application for the Sakura Apprentice Program.

  4. Doesn't look squishy at all! Looks pretty and full of hope. If you haven't already done this, you might want to write a few lines on the back of the tile about being in RI and taking care of your mother. I did that last year while visiting my mother in her nursing home and it is nice to watch her progress on the back of the tiles. It's like a "mini-journal." Oops! Sorry to make this comment so long! Take care.

    Be happy :)

    Jacque Solomon

  5. So glad you can be there for your mom and that she is doing well. Your tile doesn't look squishy to me ... It is lovely and flows very nicely.

  6. You did very well I think, I like this tile.
    Wish you mother a good recovery; it is great that you are with her.