Sunday, June 2, 2013

Project: Zentangle Inspired Art - Tangled Tin Frame

I am a big fan of Mexican folk art, Especially Dia de los Muertos and I have been collecting it for quite a while.  One thing I don't have is any tin art from Mexico so I thought I might try to make some of my own.  I was inspired to try this way back at Christmas time when I saw my nephew's tinfoil art on the fridge at their house.  It looked like a stained glass window and was colored with Sharpies.  It reminded me that I had bought metal tape that is used for duct work (I think) at the hardware store and had done some tangle etching on it a few years ago.  At the time I had also bought alcohol inks (which I love) that I knew you could use to color the metal - but had never considered you could get the same results from Sharpies.   Here is my finished frame and the steps to get there.   

Start with a plain wood frame found at any craft store.  

Cover the frame with the metal tape and then use an empty ball point pen to etch your tangles onto the surface.

You can add color to your tangles to create a vibrant and colorful piece.

Here is the top colored with tangles: fringe, zinger, cyme, tipple

Here is the side colored with tangle ojo

Happy tangling!

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  1. Oh wow - years ago I used this tape for an embossing look on gourds - had forgotten all about it until I saw your post. Great job on the frame and thanks for the reminder will have to give it a go again.