Sunday, May 19, 2013

Project: Small Purse

I had a great day yesterday having a field trip to the craft store for inspiration.  I spent 2 hours wandering up and down each aisle picking up odds and ends and thinking of all sorts of projects I want to try out.  Here is my first.  It is a bag I tangled for my boss.  She has a BIG briefcase she takes with her everywhere and needed something small that she could fit in her briefcase and then put her phone and wallet in when she didn't need to take the BIG bag with her.  I have another one I bought that I will be including in a give away I will be doing in the very near future to celebrate my blog reaching 100,000 visitors.  Stay tuned!

Keep Tangling!!


  1. That is ADORABLE!

  2. just love this! where did you find it?and what a nice tangle.

  3. This is perfect! She will love it!