Thursday, June 20, 2013

Challenge 123: Is it a zentangle?

This week's challenge was to get back to the zen of zentangle and not use any existing tangles or tangleations - really to get away from thinking about what tangle you are going to use next.  It was more difficult than I thought but once I got going with it I really did just take the next step and let it evolve.  Oh, I should also say that I used a pre-strung zendala to try help the process get started and take some of the thinking out of the equation from the get go.  It took a lot of time to complete over several different sessions and ended up being way more colorful than I ever would have imagined.  I started creating with a red micron, since I have been trying to use a little color lately, but once I started adding the colored pencil it really got lost.  That is when I just started going over all the red with white gelly roll pen.  It was an interesting experience and a nice change but I am ready to get back to my tangles.

Happy Tangling!