Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Challenge 162: String Theory - Initial String

So I've been working on a custom piece for a friend that uses glitter instead of pen...glitter tangles and it reminded me of my love for glitter.  I really do like creating art and drawing or painting with glitter.  I've pretty much finished those pictures (will post them when I am all done) and want to work on some more glitter tangles and thought this challenge would be a good practice for a piece I want to do in glitter.  I have a friend whose daughter is having a birthday soon and thought she might like a big tangled glitter Q.  Working with glitter is a little trickier than a pen but you can do most tangles.  I like the tangles for the Q and for the interior of the Q but not sure about the outside which is a tangle called chime.  I think it might look better in glitter than it does here.  What do you think?


  1. I do like this, the contrast is great.

  2. Fun! She will love it. Who doesn't love a little bling!

  3. This is a cool Q. I am not sure which part is glitter and which is the pen. I do like it as it is. It might look good with the Chime having some faint black or gray lines to pop out the chime. That is a new tangle for me.
    ~ Diane Clancy

    1. It's not glitter yet, but will all be glitter in a larger format when done. I really like the idea of adding black or gray to the chime lines to make them pop out. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Very pretty. I'm sure she will love it. Chime is a new one to me and I like it.