Thursday, April 17, 2014

Challenge 163: New Official Tangle Rixty

This week's challenge from the Diva is to use the new official tangle "Rixty" which was created for Rick's 60th birthday.  It reminds me of the official tangle Poke Root with the way the steps are broken down.  I used the opportunity to create a birthday card for my super cool brother.  I am pretty sure he doesn't check my blog  so I am not spoiling the surprise.  I always wait until I do my own challenge before I check out what others have done.  I can't wait to see how others used it and if anyone else tried a spiral.  Not sure where the Medusa-like striped fringe at the end came from but think it as some whimsy.  Tangle on my friends!


  1. What a beautiful card, I love the movement in it.
    I was just looking in your etsy shop and I have to say, you have some beautiful stuff there.

  2. Wonderful birthday card with Rixty!!

  3. I love the whirling movement exploding out with the whatever-they-ares - it has such a fun feel!

  4. Nice spiral work. I think there were a couple of others that used a spiral.

  5. Cool use of Rixty - didn't think of a spiral and now I want to try it too. I'm sure your brother will love the card!

  6. Hi Lara,
    I am glad that I found your Blog!
    You paint beautifully!
    Since a few days I am "tanglen" with great joy. o)
    I am looking for nice people to exchange and learn.
    Unfortunately, my English is only with google translator.
    Greetings from Germany, * Manya *