Saturday, March 5, 2016

Day 55: 365 Daily Project - Nature jingle

Tangles: Striping, BB, Keeko, Huggins, Printemps (backwards spirals from outside in), Tipple, Scales

Sunrise from my window is my inspiration for this tile.  Living downtown there and winter leaves you a little nature depleted.  But one thing I have from my office window are AMAZING sunrises on some days.  In the near distance is the Murat Shrine which has some great domes and a tower pictured above. A multi-colored watercolor wash started off the tile and then I filled it in with the tangles and some colored pencils for shading.  This is the first time I've done any tangling of buildings.  I love the tiles Margaret Bremner does over at the Enthusiastic Artist blog.  You should definitely check out her work!

Oh, you are probably wondering about the jingle part...well not really a song writer so I am giving myself a pass this one time and points for trying something new.  

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