Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Day 60: 365 Daily Project - In the Shadows

Tangles: Knightsbridge, Poke Leaf, Crescent Moon (adaptation)
Hey folks!  So sorry for the lapse in posting!   I know its been a couple weeks but I seriously had to take a break.  Last I wrote I was on the road for work. Well, while out there I caught some bug that had me out of commission for  a week.  That put me really behind and then suddenly it was time for our move and I really had to devote all my free time to packing and painting trim (blech!).  Anyway, we are in our new place and I have my own office/studio and I am ready to create.  YAY!!

I have some days that are already completed so I will be sharing those over the next couple days as I also start up on the new suggestions each day.  I still plan to create 365 days or zentangle it just won't be consecutive.  And I am okay with that.  Before I started this I definitely would NOT have been okay with "breaking the rules"  but since I set the rules, I can change them.  :-)

So now let's get to the picture above...the suggestion for the day was to create and take a picture of only the shadow.  I used an apprentice tile and drew some big tangles to then cut around.  I tried to choose patterns that were not too small and intricate so I could cut around them easily.  Well nothing about it was easy but I got 'er done.  Then taking the picture...I had a trusty assistant to hold both the tile and a flashlight.  Thanks Q!!  It was a little tricky and it is a little blurry and didn't capture the detail I wanted.  But as I have learned from this experience it is what it is and just learn from the experience.  

And I am going to cheat a little and show you the cut tile, here it is.    

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