Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day 59: 365 Daily Project - Mismatched Items

Tangles: Printemps, Zander, Striping, Pepper, Hurry

The suggestion said to use things that didn't go together.  How about a macaroon and a binder clip?  I used these two items to create my string on a renaissance tile and then of course I ate the macaroon.  I am just now discovering how wonderful these colorful little cookies are by the way.  I wanted the big circles to be a bit playful and am happy with how this whole tile turned out.  The renaissance tiles really are a whole lot of fun.

Creating the string and then eating the props!

On a quick side note - I am out of town consulting for the week in the hometown of Zentangle!  Going to stop by and pick up a bunch of supplies while I am here.  Can't wait!!  

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