Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Challenge 45 - Punzel and Color

The zentangle group focus yesterday was "color" and so I decided to try out some color with the challenge for the week.  Color + zentangle is pretty new to me and thanks to Time to Tangle with Color by CZT Marie Browning we had lots of guidance on our color adventure.  We tried using indirect coloring and splash backgrounds with some success. I think we will try another color group after the holidays are over.

Punzel Challenge with indirect coloring

Punzel Challenge with splash background

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tangleation Group

I've been meaning to post this for a couple weeks.  At our last zentangle group we did a tangleation project where we picked four different tangles and then combined them.  The exercise was from Sandy Bartholomew's book Yoga for your Brain (pg 32).  It was fun and challenging at times. My favorite was my tangleation of poke leaf and tipple.  I think it makes the poke leaf glimmer - like its lit up.

Our next group is this Tuesday, if you are in Indy - COME JOIN US (group info located on the right).

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Challenge #44 - String Theory v. VI

Found some time to catch up and join in the diva challenge this week from Laura Harms.  I decided to use my new tangle Swurly that I debuted in an earlier post today.  Here is the naked Swurly.

And here is the tangle filled with tangles.

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New Tanlge - Swurly

This is a tangle I came across last month when taking a walk a couple weeks ago with my friend.  Ever since I became a CZT I really enjoy looking at the architecture in downtown areas to see what patterns I can find.  We were window shopping on Mass Ave and I looked up at one point and saw this lovely window and thought it might make a new tangle to share.  It took a couple tries to come up with the steps - but I really think it works.  It also has a lot of tangleation possibilities.  I hope you like it and would love to hear what you think.  

by Lara Williams, CZT

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