Thursday, March 31, 2016

Day 62: 365 Daily Project - Dinner time!

Tangles: Printemps, Hollibaugh, Tipple (big and small)
From pizza to a zentangle.  The suggestion for day 62 was to use your dinner for your project.  I was feeling pretty sick on the day I did this tile and instead of going out to a nice dinner with my family I asked to stay in and order pizza. Any guess what type of pizza we had?  If you guessed pepperoni you are right. It tasted much better than this looks.  I do like the idea of the tipple floating over the hollibaugh but I think I went overboard with the white.  So as this daily project insists I keep pushing myself and trying new things and sharing both my successes and failures with the world. This is more on the fail side of the scale.    

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Day 61: 365 Daily Project - From the Bathroom

Tangles: Striping, Tipple

Yup, the suggestion was to use stuff from the bathroom.  So I choose a handy Q-tip to make my string on a bijou tile and gave it a hollibaugh sort of feel.  Then some tipple in the background to finish it off.  This one was nice and relaxing and I am happy with the depth it has with the Q-tips overlapping each other..

Day 60: 365 Daily Project - In the Shadows

Tangles: Knightsbridge, Poke Leaf, Crescent Moon (adaptation)
Hey folks!  So sorry for the lapse in posting!   I know its been a couple weeks but I seriously had to take a break.  Last I wrote I was on the road for work. Well, while out there I caught some bug that had me out of commission for  a week.  That put me really behind and then suddenly it was time for our move and I really had to devote all my free time to packing and painting trim (blech!).  Anyway, we are in our new place and I have my own office/studio and I am ready to create.  YAY!!

I have some days that are already completed so I will be sharing those over the next couple days as I also start up on the new suggestions each day.  I still plan to create 365 days or zentangle it just won't be consecutive.  And I am okay with that.  Before I started this I definitely would NOT have been okay with "breaking the rules"  but since I set the rules, I can change them.  :-)

So now let's get to the picture above...the suggestion for the day was to create and take a picture of only the shadow.  I used an apprentice tile and drew some big tangles to then cut around.  I tried to choose patterns that were not too small and intricate so I could cut around them easily.  Well nothing about it was easy but I got 'er done.  Then taking the picture...I had a trusty assistant to hold both the tile and a flashlight.  Thanks Q!!  It was a little tricky and it is a little blurry and didn't capture the detail I wanted.  But as I have learned from this experience it is what it is and just learn from the experience.  

And I am going to cheat a little and show you the cut tile, here it is.    

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day 59: 365 Daily Project - Mismatched Items

Tangles: Printemps, Zander, Striping, Pepper, Hurry

The suggestion said to use things that didn't go together.  How about a macaroon and a binder clip?  I used these two items to create my string on a renaissance tile and then of course I ate the macaroon.  I am just now discovering how wonderful these colorful little cookies are by the way.  I wanted the big circles to be a bit playful and am happy with how this whole tile turned out.  The renaissance tiles really are a whole lot of fun.

Creating the string and then eating the props!

On a quick side note - I am out of town consulting for the week in the hometown of Zentangle!  Going to stop by and pick up a bunch of supplies while I am here.  Can't wait!!  

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Day 58: 365 Daily Project - Bigger

Tangles: Buttercup, Da'Deal, Bumpkenz, Moonpie

Today's suggestion was to go bigger.  And what better way to do that than at my monthly class at a retirement community.  I have been teaching the lovely ladies there for about 6 months and I love it.  We did a sampler of grid patterns today from some great tangles you can find on  It was a great time.  This is about 18" x 18".  I never save my class work as it is usually not completely finished so this is my first and now it is part of the 365 collection.  

Monday, March 7, 2016

Day 57: 365 Daily Project - Plastic Baggie

Tangles: Striping, Printemps, Ahh

So if you have an urge to draw on a plastic baggie, just tape down the corners and pull it taut.  It is still a big wiggly but you can do some bigger sized tangling with a permanent marker.  I decided to decorate the plastic baggie I keep my tiles in.  I know, very chic.  It is very portable though and keeps them clean which is the most important.  

See - now stylish and protected!

Day 56: 365 Daily Project - Heavy seem light

Bijou Tile with Tangles: Purk, Floorz, Fringe

Things I know to be heavy; gold, I decided to draw a golden tear and use that as my inspiration for making something heavy seem light.  I think these heavy themes seem pretty light.  What do you think?

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Day 55: 365 Daily Project - Nature jingle

Tangles: Striping, BB, Keeko, Huggins, Printemps (backwards spirals from outside in), Tipple, Scales

Sunrise from my window is my inspiration for this tile.  Living downtown there and winter leaves you a little nature depleted.  But one thing I have from my office window are AMAZING sunrises on some days.  In the near distance is the Murat Shrine which has some great domes and a tower pictured above. A multi-colored watercolor wash started off the tile and then I filled it in with the tangles and some colored pencils for shading.  This is the first time I've done any tangling of buildings.  I love the tiles Margaret Bremner does over at the Enthusiastic Artist blog.  You should definitely check out her work!

Oh, you are probably wondering about the jingle part...well not really a song writer so I am giving myself a pass this one time and points for trying something new.  

Friday, March 4, 2016

Day 54: 365 Daily Project - Circles

Circles, just circles today.  I decided to choose a renaissance tile so there was a little more life in the circles for today's project.  There was no string for this one and I started with the larger sepia circles and randomly added all over the tile switching between the sepia and black.  The only shading I did was around the outside of the tile.  I like the idea of just using one element and trying to make it have a range and variation.  I think this would be a good exercise for a class to see what variations people come up with or a blog challenge. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Day 53: 365 Daily Project - Smell

Drawing smell? I immediately thought of the old cartoons where they illustrated cooking smells as a wavy long narrow cloud like thing reaching out to the nose of the intended character.  Remember that?  I tried to draw my string to replicate these fragrant arms.  I couldn't remember what was drawn on the insides of them though and just kept it simple.  I think it is pretty boring but it was trying something new and this what this daily project is all about.  Right?  

Day 52: 365 Daily Project - Upside Down

Upside Down

It has been a busy couple days.  We are in a big cleaning phase at home and our office has everything piled in the middle so we can vacuum our 100 year old brick walls.  Yep, you read that right.  Old brick walls need to occasionally be vacuumed.  

Anyway, I am still getting my projects done each day, but posting them has had to take a back seat.  That said, I found myself set up in my bedroom to do my day 52 challenge.  And then drawing upside-down!  If you are like me, you turn your tile all the time when tangling to have the best angle on what you are drawing.  Keeping the tile in just one orientation, and for it to be upside-down had me more focused on not turning the tile than what I was drawing.  I decided to draw a tree as my string.  It was a lot tougher than I would have thought. It just wasn't coming together in the same way I would draw a tree if it was right side up.  It felt very different.

I even signed my initials upside down which sure looks a bit shaky when turned right side up.

Right side up