Monday, April 30, 2012

Challenge 68: Duo Tangle Hybrid & Stircles

Another duo tangle challenge from the Diva and two tangles I haven't used (stircles) or used in a while (hybrid).  This was a fun challenge for me because I am really enjoying reconnecting with tangles I haven't used in a while which also helps me with my new project of creating an organizational system for my collection of tangles.  I have tried various different means of collecting and keeping them, but nothing has reached my expectations yet.  I think I am a very organized person (some people have some not so nice terms for my level of detail) but this did not really apply to my tangle collections.  I hate to admit it but I have a lot of tangles just stored on scraps of paper right now. Yikes!  Anyway - more on organization later when I have it worked out.  

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Mandala Monday: Zentangle Dare 3

What a great time to discover the new Zendala Dares from The Bright Owl when I have set my own zendala a week challenge.  This week I have two zendalas I have completed for the 2nd and 3rd dares.  I can't believe how completely different they turned out and feel.  The first is from dare 2 and was completed earlier in the week after work when I really needed some zen time.  The dare 3 zendala I completed today and seems to have much more energy and even a sort of circus or carnival feel to it.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Challenge 67: Amanda Day

The Challenge from the Diva this week was to create a tile inspired by Earth Day or as it now known at the Diva's as Amanda Day.  I thought what better to express the Earth than a string of "the Earth."  So my string is based on a Western Hemisphere view.  Once drawn, I realized how much water there is vs. land space on our lovely planet.  The space to draw the continents was tiny and I wanted more than one represented, but you can definitely see that my waves are the predominant tangle on this tile.  I tried to tie my tangles into the continents, not too sure how successful I was.  North America is represented by Baton which reminded me of the stripes on our flag.  Pais represents South America which is Spanish for country so I thought that might fit.  Africa is Wellinstil which has little flames in it and since Africa seems hot to me I thought that worked.  Then I was a little unsure for Europe and I thought of England and Aero candy bars so the bubbles are representing Europe. Greenland got some bubbles too.  It was a fun and challenging challenge this week.  Thanks Diva!

Mandala Monday

I am really enjoying the new Mandala tiles from Zentangle and have decided to complete one a week as I work my way through the 9 different pre-strung tiles.  If you haven't tried them yet, you really should.  The possibilities are endless!

Tangles:Knightsbridge, Antidots, Paradox, Organza, Poke Root, Pepper, Black Pearlz

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Challenge 66: Auras

This week's challenge is to use auras with all the patterns on the tile.  There are already quite a few tangles and even some tangles that are just made up of auras.  It was fun to try some new tangles and to add auras to tangles I have been using for a while.

Tangles: Galoo, Antidots, Printemps, Rain, Scallops, Mooka

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Tangle: Phansy

My April newsletter featured a contest to name my newest tangle.  So congratulations to Kara Monroe for the naming this tangle Phansy.  Kara said the tangle reminded her of her favorite flower the pansy and she also thought the tangle looked like a fan so she combined the two to come up with Phansy.  Thanks to everyone who sent in your awesome suggestions.  Kara won the painted stone below with the tangle Enyshou.  

by Lara Williams, CZT

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Friday, April 6, 2012

New Tangle: Koryl

This new to my blog tangle, is actually the first tangle I ever came up with.  I haven't shared it with anyone except at my CZT training when we were all asked to go out and search for patterns and come up with our own tangle.  When I received this challenge I wasn't sure what I was going to do.  When I left the CZT training that night I actually had to go to work.  It was a really ridiculous week for me.  I was in the middle of working on three grant proposals for work and taking the CZT training at the same time.  Lucky for me the CZT training is so inspiring and full of positive energy or I might not have made it through.  Anyway, when I finally got home that night I spied my dish of sea glass and in it was this fossilized piece of coral that I had been wanting to do something with and it struck me - AH HA!  This could be your new tangle.  I had always loved looking at the intricate details of it and now was my chance to put it into my art.  So here for you is my first tangle, Koryl.

Koryl by Lara Williams, CZT

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Challenge: 65 Huggy Bear

This was a fun challenge.  I really like the tangleations and possibilities of this tangle.  Plus I just love trying new tangles.  Looking around for new tangles in the world is one of my favorite things to do on walks around downtown Indy.  The string for this tangle was actually inspired from a crest-like design I saw above a doorway on a walk this week.  I never thought to look for string inspirations!  

Tangles: Huggy Bear, Pepper, Bronx Cheer

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