Thursday, November 24, 2011


There are so many things I am thankful for, but I want to take this time to share how thankful I am for zentangle and what it has personally done for me.  I have been tangling for many years now and it has become a staple in my life.  It has seen me through hard times and has brought me back from low places.  It has changed my life and I am so thankful to have this wonderful tool in my life!!  Zentangle is a great gift in my life.  Thank you zentangle and Rick and Maria!!

Most recently my creative mojo seemed to just have picked up and moved on.  There was not one single creative thought in my being and the thought of the holidays and all the gifts and cards I planned to make seemed like a the most overwhelming and hair brained scheme I had ever heard of.  What was I thinking??  Being able to sit down and create was the last thing I felt like doing.  Well I let a week of doing nothing and ignored the creative void and then got my weekly blog update that Laura Harms, The Diva, had posted a new challenge.  It had been a while since I had completed a challenge.  So I challenged myself to just complete the tangle.  That was all I had to do - and from that challenge 48 was completed last week - and it was like the light switch was turned back on and my mojo is back!  The Holiday cards are in full production and here is this week's challenge # 49 - the Red Thread Challenge!!

Now with 4 glorious days off - let the creativity begin!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Challenge #48

This week's challenge from the Diva was to use a circle, square and triangle as the string and "tri" to use tangles you have not used before.  Lately I feel like I have lost my mojo and so participating in this challenge was my attempt to find a glimpse of my good ol' creative mojo.

Looking for tangles I had not used before was a big relief in this Sahara of mojoness.  I didn't have to think about which tangle to use - just find a new one and try it out.  Thanks to Linda Farmer's Tangle Patterns site and the plethora of tangles available there!!  

Voxter , Bridgen, Sanibelle, Scrumble, Baton and Florez

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Tangle - Kolum

Another walk along Mass Ave...another new tangle!  The architecture of downtown areas is so rich with tangles its a wonder I am not tripping all over the place because I am constantly looking up at the buildings.  This lovely piece of architecture was on the old Coca Cola building - which sadly is now where the Indianapolis Public School buses live and are repaired.  So the entrance where I found this pattern is closed up and in ill repair (lots of dirt) but you can still find the beauty hiding right under the grime.

by Lara Williams, CZT