Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day 76: 365 Daily Project - Can you Ear me?

Tangles: Cyme, Striping with enhancers: Auras & Perfs

So here is my somewhat unsuccessful  attempt at some shrinky dink earrings made from a plastic tomato container.  They just didn't quite flatten out as much as I wanted to - even with all the smashing I tried to do.  I didn't have any flat plastic but all the posts I saw on the internet said you didn't have to start with a flat piece.  They mostly flattened but not totally. Oh well!  I would like to try some more homemade shrinky dinks in the future - I just need to get some good plastic.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 75: 365 Daily Project - Chalk it up!

Tangle: Arukas

Oh how I wish I already had the chalkboard wall already done in my new studio/office that I plan to paint soon, but alas this suggestion came too early for the wall.  So next best thing is using a white charcoal pencil on a black tile because I don't seem to have any chalk.  I also don't really have good sidewalks to tangle on if I had chalk anyway.  I live in a historic neighborhood with brick sidewalks so that wasn't an option.  If you haven't used a white charcoal pencil it really kind of feels like chalk as it moves across the paper. I decided to go with a monotangle of arukas.  I had planned to completely fill in the tile but decided to stop just short of filling it because I thought it looked cool.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day 74: 365 Daily Project - Going Global

Tangles: On Target, Da Deal, Bales, Tortuca, Ving, Tipple

I did not quite follow the suggestion today which was to go tangle somewhere else - not enough time tonight.  Sorry!  So instead I did the Diva's Challenge to use a Globular string.  Instead of physically traveling today the globular string was my way of traveling.  I used a renaissance tile and referenced the grid section of my trusty binder of tangles. I like the arrangement of the tangles with each creating a border.  A little shading around the outside and voila!   

Monday, April 11, 2016

Day 73: 365 Daily Project - Rock it!

Tangles: Sez ( I used the holes as the "seeds")
& a possible new tangle I haven't named yet.

Luckily I have a plethora of rocks lying around.  This is another one from my favorite beach to visit in California.  Some sea creature burrows into the rocks and creates these holes.  I just love them and can spend hours walking around and searching for the perfect rocks.  Anyway - I grabbed this one from my collection and so I decided to focus on the holes and work out from there.  I used my Sakura Gelly Roll pen which works "okay" on rocks.  It gives me the line width I am looking for, but doesn't lay down the ink as nicely as I would like.  A really fine tip paint pen is what I would LOVE but haven't found the right one yet. If you know one I should try PLEASE leave a comment. :-)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day 72: 365 Daily Project - New Shoes

Tangles: Cyme, Flux, Tipple, Fringe

How awesome is it that I get to buy a new pair of shoes because my project called for me to use shoes.  Darn :-)  I found these cute canvas sneakers at Target and decided to go with grey since I just wore out my grey Converse.  

I have tangled a a couple other pairs in the past but I never wear them. So I wanted to set out to create a pair  would actually like to wear. I was super happy to have my grey Fabrico fabric pen so the design was more subtle than a black pen.  I also repeated the same patterns on each shoe so they matched a little.  

I am pretty happy with these and plan to wear them when the weather decides to cooperate and be nice again.  

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day 71: 365 Daily Project - Back to the Olden Days

Tangles: "Nzeppel, Fringe

Today we are supposed to make something from the olden days and immediately I thought of doilies.  I don't own any and I don't want any but for some reason it is what popped into my mind.  Weird, right?  But I thought I would try to make a zentangle doily.  I used a renaissance zendala tile and then aged it with some distress ink.  I used a white Sakura Gelly Roll pen to do the tangling and trimmed the outside edge to match the edge fringe.  

Friday, April 8, 2016

Day 70: 365 Daily Project - Numbers

Tangles: LinQ, Enmigle, Flukes, "Nzeppel, Knightsbridge, Bales, Tortuca, Lotus Pods, D'Rua
This suggestion was perfect timing to create a card for my beloved brother.  His birthday is coming up soon and I decided to use his month and day of birth to be the numbers for this project.  I started with some tangles that randomly placed around the card and then filled in the background with grid patterns.  I am really pleased with how this turned out.  Always love to be able to give a handmade card!  Let's just hope he doesn't see this post before he gets the card. :-)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Day 69: 365 Daily Project - Puzzled

In pieces

Today's suggestion was to create a puzzle.  I decided to head over to a local craft store where I knew they had blank puzzles.  I got one and came back and tangled it with my Sakura Permapaque marker. I thought of a spring flower theme and it was fun.  I have to tell you that it was a little harder to put together than I thought it would be.  All that black and white and no color to lead you to the next piece. 

Put together

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 68: 365 Daily Project - Papier-Mache

Tangle: Athizi

So what do you think about paper clay instead of paper mache?  Works for me!  I had some paper stones I made and haven't gotten to decorate yet that will soon be jewelry so I thought I would decorate one for today's suggestion.  Athizi is a tangle I learned a couple years ago and I love how it looks on rock shapes. The actual stone is about 2 1/2 inches across.  After I tried this tangle on a real rock, I made a necklace out of a paper clay stone I wear all the time and I am surprised by all the compliments I get on it.  I often get questions about it and whether or not it is a shell actually.  Pretty cool.  I painted these stones in a couple subtle colors of lavender, green, blue and grey. It will take a few days to get them finished and turned into necklaces or maybe a bracelet or two.  I promise to share when they are done!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Day 67: 365 Daily Project - Science Fiction

Tangles: Cruffle, Jetties, Lotus Pods, Perfs (with some flair)
No judgement, busy day means bijou tile.  I must say the busy day was a good day, each first Monday of the month I get the honor of teaching a zentangle class at a retirement community.  The ladies are so positive and really make the class super fun.  

So the suggestion of science fiction makes me think of outer space so I decided some planets floating in space with some twinkling stars. I think cruffle makes a good planet.  Kind of like Saturn or Jupiter.  

Monday, April 4, 2016

Day 66: 365 Daily Project - From the Grocery Store

Tangles: 'Nzeppel, Tipple, Flux, Drupe

Just so happened I needed to go to the market today anyway.  And avocados were on sale and I had a coupon. Yippee!!  In honor of my amazing savings today I decided to use the avocado as inspiration for my string today. Pretty sweet. :-)

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Day 65: 365 Daily Project - Tanagram

Tangle: Rick's Paradox

Today's suggestion to use the classic tanagram shapes which comes from a classic Chinese puzzle. If you aren't familiar with a tanagram, here is what the pieces look like.

I immediately thought of Rick's Paradox for the tangle and to only use it for a monotangle tile.  I love this tangle and how you can make different fan shapes by going different directions with the tangle. If you haven't tried this tangle yet I definitely recommend giving it a shot.  Try the same string a couple times changing the direction you go with each section and see what you get.  

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Day 64: 365 Daily Project - Hello Me!

Tangles: Lamar, Striping, Jessicup, Knase, Onomato

Hello me!  Yup, include yourself in the work today.  I am not really a selfie person so I had to look back through my old photos to find one.  This is from a trip to CA last year at one of my favorite beaches where I go to find cool rocks with holes in them.  I decided a string of auras would work and I filled it up with border tangles.  This is another one I like and now I have found a fun way to work with photos.  

Day 63: 365 Daily Project - Behind the Mask

Tangles: Fringe, Cyme, Prestwood, 'Nzeppel, D'Rua, Striping, Tipple

So I need to make a mask. Okay, the first step was to figure out how to draw the shape of a mask.  This is attempt #2.  First one was kind of awkward.  I used a nice piece of card stock to give it some weight. I wanted it to have a unique shape and thought this was kind of fun.  I am a little unsure about how the eye holes would work if you wore it, but I do like it like this!