Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Tangle: Phansy

My April newsletter featured a contest to name my newest tangle.  So congratulations to Kara Monroe for the naming this tangle Phansy.  Kara said the tangle reminded her of her favorite flower the pansy and she also thought the tangle looked like a fan so she combined the two to come up with Phansy.  Thanks to everyone who sent in your awesome suggestions.  Kara won the painted stone below with the tangle Enyshou.  

by Lara Williams, CZT

Keep Tangling!!

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  1. Lara, I received a comment praising your fantastic pattern, on my link to this post and thought you should see it:

    Genevieve Wimp-McCann has left a new comment on your post "Link to tangle pattern Phansy":

    This is such a simple yet stunning tangle. quite a charming motif for a mono-tangle as well.