Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Tangle: Fiddler

My newest tangle comes from a beautiful tie I saw at an event I went to recently.  I just had to take a picture and try to figure out how to make this into a tangle to share with everyone.  Fiddler is one of those tangles that really requires you to slow down and create each stroke deliberately.  It has really helped me to find focus in my super busy summer. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Here's the tie

Happy Tangling!


  1. I looked at this and thought, "oh no, I'll never be able to do this!" but you broke it down so well that even my first effort was credible! Thank you, it is a lovely tangle.

  2. Very nice! Your greens and blues are lovely. Added to my list!

  3. Saw this in your newsletter - used in this week's Diva challenge and blogged about it will update with a link. Thanks for a cool tangle and you're right it does take focus!

  4. Sometimes the Tangle that you feel as though, looks difficult. turns out to hte easier than you ya thinks. This one had me hypnotized.nstaed of using my tried and true Sigma and used a thi line Sarpie. Who the hell knows, life is just a big crap shoot!!!