Saturday, February 13, 2016

Day 35: 365 Daily Project - Instructions (new tangle Hollibranch)

Today's suggestion is to create instructions for others to follow.  What better than to share a new tangle with you.  This comes fresh from my recent trip to northern Indiana and the wallpaper in my hotel room.  I love hotels because there are always interesting carpets or wallpaper with interesting patterns to be explored and broken down.  Anyway - I saw this wallpaper and it reminded me of Hollibaugh but had its own feel with the branching of well, the branches and then the cute little leaves to add.  It also is oriented in a vertical framework where in the true Hollibaugh it goes in all directions.  The other part of today's suggestion is to ask people to try it out - so please feel free to try your own take at Hollibranch.  I have included a linking widget below if you want to share your Hollibranch! Below are a couple of my tiles with Hollibranch and the wallpaper inspiration.  

Loved how the red and black looked for the breakout so thought I would try it on a tile.
Love this one!

With perpendicular branches - not quite as cool as a vertical orientation

The wallpaper

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