Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 75: 365 Daily Project - Chalk it up!

Tangle: Arukas

Oh how I wish I already had the chalkboard wall already done in my new studio/office that I plan to paint soon, but alas this suggestion came too early for the wall.  So next best thing is using a white charcoal pencil on a black tile because I don't seem to have any chalk.  I also don't really have good sidewalks to tangle on if I had chalk anyway.  I live in a historic neighborhood with brick sidewalks so that wasn't an option.  If you haven't used a white charcoal pencil it really kind of feels like chalk as it moves across the paper. I decided to go with a monotangle of arukas.  I had planned to completely fill in the tile but decided to stop just short of filling it because I thought it looked cool.  

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