Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day 12: 365 Daily Challenge - Camouflage

Tangles: Printemps, Tipple, Keeko
A camouflage pattern string is what I decided to use for today's suggestion.  I don't think I have seen a camouflage string before so I have added a picture below of just the string.  I checked out some camouflage pics before I  drew this, but really it is just irregular shapes filling the space.  Then I used 3 different colors, each with a different tangle to fill  in each section.  It takes a little thought to make sure you are alternating the colors so you don't end up with the same colors in touching spaces.  A little shading with colored pencils and a camouflage zentangle.  Nothing spectacular but definitely different.  But perhaps it could be a more fashion forward camo.  

Camo string I drew this morning
(doesn't match above because I left this one at work)

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