Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 16: 365 Daily Challenge - Make a Stamp

Tangles: Printemps and variations of Striping, Tagh,Fescu, Tipple

Today, we start week 3 of this daily art project and I am still super into it.  Yay! Having a new suggestion every day takes a lot of the weight off my shoulders in deciding what to create.  The hardest part is fitting the project into my schedule and trying to get everything else done in my day.  For example, tomorrow I am teaching a beginning zentangle class for 61 people. Yikes!  I have never done a class that big but I am excited!  Will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Onto our suggestion for today - create a stamp.  I have created bunches of my own stamps for jewelry and cards and other things and I hadn't used them in a while so I thought I would pull them out and see if any would work.  Here's the one I chose, a basic flower shape.  

 See you tomorrow.

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