Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 13: 365 Daily Project - Tea

Tea String
Happy Friday!  I was looking up  today's suggestion as I was having my morning tea and there is was - use tea or tea leaves in your project today.  So I just plopped the bag from my tea around on a tile and left it to dry and do its thing.  I decided to use tangles that begin with the letter T, so I headed over to my trusty resource to find some and filled up most of the tile.  But I still had some blank spaces and I am not the most comfortable with blank spaces so I threw some Ahh! in there to finish it off.  A little brown colored pencil to shade and a teeny bit of white gelly roll.  I do think the Tipple in the upper right corner now looks like a many eyed alien - but what do you do.  See you tomorrow!

Tangles: Tipple, Tri-bee, Terrace, Tripoli, Trumpits, with some Ahh! 

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