Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day 4: 365 Daily Project - Take a walk

Tangles: Printemps, Opus, Flux, Purk, Poke Root, Tipple

Brrrr.  Well the suggestion today was to walk and find stuff and make art out of it.  It is cold here in Indy and not much of a day for walking, outside.  So today on my daily 10am walk I found a leaf that had blown into the building (On days like today we wander the halls instead of heading outside).  At first I thought I might draw on the leaf but it was too fragile so I traced it onto a blank, white zendala tile.  I don't think it looks as good in the photo as in person but happy to have found a way to use the suggestion and incorporate zentangle.  

Here's the happy leaf!


  1. I came to your blog tonight from the post of your Eclipse pattern... visited a bit when I saw a post on your home page about your daily art project. I just love this tile. The combination of your shading and the white on black background surrounding the black-on-white leaf makes it glow. Very pretty... and I love the idea of using the leaf as your string.