Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Day 17: 365 Daily Project - The Eyes

Tangles: Borbz, Ojo, Bubbles

What a fun day and a fun suggestion.  When I read the suggestion this morning I knew right away that I wanted to use tangles that reminded me of eyes.  My tangle, ojo means eye in Spanish so that was a shoo-in.  And I love the wobbly eyes of borbz.  In my quick search on tanglepatterns.com I also found bubbles and my tile was complete.  Pretty happy with this one.

Just a quick note about my BIG workshop today for 60 people at a staff retreat at Purdue.  It was awesome!  The group was amazing and so focused as they tangled away.  I just love teaching and spreading the joy zentangle brings to people who didn't think they were artists and helping people find a new way to feel good about themselves.  

See you back here tomorrow for day 18.


  1. So glad the class went well! Love this combo of tangles.

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  3. Oh what delightful tangles you have chosen to use on your tile here, I
    really like the way that you have added the lovely shading to give the
    impression of layering. Thank you for sharing your work and I'm delighted
    that you Workshop went soooo well today.
    Warmest best wishes from across the miles here in France.