Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day 8: 365 Daily Challenge - Transform a book

Tangles: Snaylz trayl

Day 8 and transform a book.  I love working with books and have been making Christmas ornaments for the past couple years from old books and already have a plan for the ornaments from books for next year.  I have never done any altered books or drawn on already printed pages so this was a first for me today.  I found this tangle as soon as I opened up this morning and saw it in the feed at the top.  Very fun tangle if you haven't tried it before.  


  1. Are you currently teaching anywhere in Indianapolis? Whenever I google for classes your name comes up, but never any class dates anywhere :(

    1. Hi Vanda! I do teach locally but only have private classes scheduled at this time. A possibility might be a private 1:1 class or if you have a small group of friends that want to take a class together we can arrange that. You can visit my classes page on this blog and my email/phone is there if you want to discuss options. Thanks!