Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year, New Name, New Project

Hello again!!!  I think I am back from my blog sabbatical and ready to start a new year with a new name and a new project. I have been busy creating and teaching and sort of lost touch with the blog, you know how it is.  So here it is almost a whole year later.  Can you believe it?  

I did spend a lot of time over the past year thinking about what I want to do creatively as well as with my blog and what I want it to be.  The one thing I know for sure is that I want to stay connected to the zentangle world through my blog.  

The new name? I have been wanting to change the name of my blog for a while and had lots of ideas but this one seems to fit with all my endeavors so you can find me at the same address (not too savvy on the behind the scenes of the blogging world and how to get it to forward to a new one yet)  but will show up as Paper Rock Studio.  

And now I am sure you are wondering about the project I mentioned.  I have been very intrigued by Noah Scalin who has done 365 day projects and wrote a book 365: A Daily Creativity Journal about doing a daily art project for a year. At first it seemed overwhelming, all the possibilities - mediums, subjects...oh my!  But once I thought about it, what seemed so obvious was to use this to get back to a daily zentangle practice.  So I will be posting a different zentangle every day on one of the many wonderful paper products from zentangle using the daily suggestion from the 365: A Daily Creativity Journal to create my piece and sharing on this blog.   

So here is my first piece Day 1 - "something that fits in the palm of your hand"
Immediately a Bijou tile came to mind.  I have not used a Bijou tile before so what a great way to start off.  Yay!

Tangles: Printemps, Bales, 'Nzeppel, Yincut, Vega

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