Sunday, February 7, 2016

Day 29: 365 Daily Project - In Disguise

Tangle: Sand Swirl

Did you recognize me?
I have always wanted to try out Sand Swirl and it was perfect for today's suggestion to create a disguise.  Nothing is more perfect for hiding in plain sight than a beard on a stick, right?  

So now that its been a month of daily projects I had to take a moment and think about what I've learned.  I think I am becoming more confident in my tangling.  Even though I have been practicing zentangle for over 10 years, it has not been a daily thing for me in a long time.  It has really given me more confidence that I see in every line I draw.  I am also so grateful for all the encouragement and understanding from friends and family.  It really does take planning to commit to an hour or two a day to complete a daily project and still have a life.  The other thing I am learning is being okay with not being perfect.  There is no careful planning out of blog posts in advance - this is all in the moment stuff.  Posting a project every day, and sometimes work that I am not too thrilled about can be hard to share in a public forum.  But it has really helped me to just have fun with it and leave the (self) criticism behind.  

Well I think those are the main things I have learned so far.  See you tomorrow. 

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