Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 32: 365 Daily Project - Ephemeral

Tangles: Pop Cloud, Diva Dance

I am so excited with today's project.  I knew immediately upon reading the suggestion that I wanted to use water colors in the background.  But, oh no!  I forgot a brush, so I decided to try finger painting.  And you know what, I actually think I am a better with water colors finger painting than with a brush.  I will  definitely have to try some more finger painting with the water colors.

Choosing tangles that represented something ephemeral was the next step.  Pop Cloud immediately "popped" up as a choice when I saw it.  Then when I saw Diva Dance it reminded me of the ripples in water when a rain drop falls. Totally Ephemeral!  Right?  Totally digging this one today.  See you tomorrow back in Indy!

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