Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day 39: 365 Daily Project - Haiku

Notice anything missing?

That's better! :-)

Tangling each day with a new suggestion is a challenge I can handle, adding in poetry is pretty mean.  I have never fancied myself a poet, but haiku - counting out the syllables (while clapping my hands to make sure I have the count right), I can do that!  So I figured out my poem, and put it onto the tile, tangled it, photographed it, uploaded it...and, um, something is missing.  A whole syllable is missing!  So some quick addition of an ing and there you have it.  I thought it was pretty awesome till I saw the missing letters.  No idea how that happened.  One thing this project is teaching me is to just roll with it and be kind to ourselves.  Happy day!  Happy tangling!

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