Sunday, February 21, 2016

Day 43: 365 Daily Challenge - Learn From Another

String:175 by Audrie Wisenfelder  Tangles: Charmzy - Kelly Barone, CZT, Subline - Diane Tai, Calix, Judy Murphy, Pinbawl - David Hunter
One thing that defines the community of zentangle is how mucg  we learn from each other. It isn't any one person telling you how to do it, but a community constantly discovering new ways to break out the world into patterns.  Of course Rick and Maria started it all.... but it was not something they could contain!  So.... What a perfect suggestion for the day.  I belong to and I get the emails each week.  I end up saving A LOT of them in folders in my email.  So today I decided to delve into that treasure chest and pull out (NEVER BEFORE TRIED) a string and tangles to create my work for the day. Fresh and new - stuff I had never done before.  I kind of messed up on the subline, but overall i think it  is a pretty fun piece and want to thank all the tanglers out there who share their new patterns every day.  Zentangle rules!

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