Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 33: 365 Daily Project - The Pen (or Tired Tangling)

Tangles: Tipple, Flukes, Purk

Today is the first day I really felt the strain of trying to get my project into my day along with all the other stuff that had to happen.  It was rushed, it wasn't great and I am really feeling embarrassed by showing it in a blown up form, but also feel compelled to share the reality of "life" and trying to make this happen every day.  It was a super long day of teaching all day, driving home, returning the rental, driving home, getting dinner and FINALLY then coming home to do my project.  The suggestion for the day was to use a pen.  Doing a zentangle a day always includes a pen so that was sort of a given.  I decided to pull out my kit and use the icosehedron to do the tangle choosing for me.  and Tipple (#14), Purk (#19) and Flukes (#20) were the 3 tangles that came up and using a Bijou tile.  So off to bed and see you tomorrow.  

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